Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Lighter Side of Geekness

I finally took the plunge into the blogosphere about a year ago when I created Believer's Brain to record my deepest thoughts, such as they are. I have a very narrow concept of what is appropriate there: focused commentary on the intersection of belief and culture, with pieces about 800 words long.

It's time to have more fun. Serious pieces of longer length will continue to appear on Believer's Brain when the muse strikes. But I've been wanting to have a place to share my other interests, as well as the little tidbits we all come across online that we'd like to pass on to our friends. So here it is: Geekspiel.

1 comment:

Pendrax said...

So, what in the world possessed you to start another one? What kind of person tries to keep two of these things running?

Oh... never mind.