Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fiddlin' Bill Hensley

Now we're being told to Google ourselves as a security measure -- to see what might be on the Internet about us. Come on, guys, admit it! We've all done it just out of curiosity or vanity.

The first time I Googled myself was a real challenge because it was about ten years ago and Google didn't even exist. There were only a handful of hits. Some grad student in Kansas who was a tornado chaser, just like in the movie Twister. A doctor in Australia. A local politician in Florida somewhere.

Not long ago I tried again and I have found my connection with greatness! Fiddlin' Bill Hensley of Tennessee. Must be a family connection somewhere. My great grandfather came out of Tennessee and staked a claim in the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889. Bill was a pretty tough character. When he was 75 he killed a man in a drunken gun battle and was sent to prison for murder. But boy could he play that fiddle. You can listen to a little bit of his music here.


Betty said...

Sure you want to hang this picture on the family tree, bro? 'Course he does have lightning fingers on the fiddle.

Your new blog is great fun! I read Believer's Brain, too--sharp thinking and sharp wordcraft--but I never feel like I can give the comments the time they deserve, so I end up not posting at all. I'll try to do better...

Bill Hensley said...

Thanks, Betty.

I was thinking you could see the family resemblance!